Otto Lakoba
documentary photographer and filmmaker
[now in Abkhazia]

Otto Lakoba was born in Leningrad, Russia, in 1984. After obtaining technical degree from St.Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentations he relocated to his historic homeland Abkhazia, in a pursuit of art opportunities. Through documentary photography and filmmaking, the author brings attention to people living in Abkhazia. He has successfully completed Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov’s School of Documentary Film and Theatre.  

Otto Lakoba participated in photography exhibitions in Abkhazia,Turkey, Russia and had his work published in magazines, such as Russia Beyond the Headlines (an international project from “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”), Bird in Flight, El Pais (Spain) etc.


Monologue (2017)
Equilibrium (2018) 


Autor is pepresented by Art Of Foto Gallery


2018 - Countryside, Metenkov's House Museum, Ekaterinburg(Russia)
2018 - Three colors of time, Nalchik(Russia)
2016 - Lives of others, Art of foto Gallery, St.Petersburg(Russia)
2015 - FotoIstanbul Festival, Istanbul(Turkey )
2015 - Three colors of time, Sukhum(Abkhazia)
2013 - Lost Time, Sukhum(Abkhazia)
2011 - Being seen, Sukhum(Abkhazia)


SUAI, Saint-Peteresburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentations
Saint-Peteresburg, Russia

2016 - 2017
Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov School of Documentary Film and Documentary Theatr
Moscow, Russia



+79409273455 (Abkhazia)
+79052629902 (Russia)

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