Monologue (2017)

documentary, 26 min.

The war in Abkhazia ended more than twenty years ago. But the shadows wandering in the corridors of the republican psychoneurological hospital still remind us of its impact. Sometimes we see ourselves in those shadows and glimpse fragments of reality in their monologues. The monochromatic way they see the world carries many more meanings than we are able to perceive.


2019, Scandinavian Int.Film Festival (Helsinki, Finland)
2019, Film Aut Fest (Moscow, Russia)
2018, East Silver 2018 (Prague, Czech Republic);
2018, Silver Eye 2018  award nominee  (Prague, Czech Republic);
2018, DocLisboa (Lisbon, Portugal)  - international premiere;
2017, Artdocfest (Moscow, Russia);
2017, Laurel branch award nominee (Moscow, Russia);
2017, Kinoproba (Ekaterinburg, Russia) - jury special mention;
2017, Message to Man (St.Petersburg, Russia)- jury special mention;

Equilibrium (2018)

documentary, 50 min.

Rodion is an opera singer. He gives concerts for organ music lovers in an ancient church. After his performance he is in a rush to get home – four little children, peasant farm and cornfield, visited by a cunning bear. The life of this man is an harmonious balance of nature and music. One day the balance is disrupted.

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