Monologue (2017)

The war in Abkhazia ended more than twenty years ago. But the shadows wandering in the corridors of the republican psychoneurological hospital still remind us of its impact. Sometimes we see ourselves in those shadows and glimpse fragments of reality in their monologues. The monochromatic way they see the world carries many more meanings than we are able to perceive.


  • Director: Otto Lakoba
  • Photography: Otto Lakoba
  • Producer: Marina Razbezhkina
  • Production: Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov School of Documentary Film and Documentary Theatr
  • Length: 26 min
  • Language: Abkhazian, Russian
  • Subtitles: English
  • Year: 2017
  • Status: National Premiere [RU]

[festivals & awards]

  •  2017, "Message to Man" Int Film Festival (St.Petersburg, Russia), diploma for Outstanding Photo Drama
  • 2017, "Artdocfest" Int. Film Festival (Moscow, Russia), Laurel branch nominee for the best debut in cinema and on television
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